Top Immigration Countries For Pakistani People


Online Air Ticket Reservation has become very important for international travelling. There are many reasons for the purpose of this traveling. Immigration has greatly increased in the 21st Century. People want to reunite with the family. Some of the people who want to meet their immigrant relatives in the middle or end of the year. Other people go for the purpose of seeking employment or starting their own business. Some corporate permanently shift their business and trading. Others want to complete their study. People like to buy Discount Air Fare Deals for reaching these countries.

Top Immigration Countries For Pakistani People
Top Immigration Countries For Pakistani People

People Countries for International Traveling

There are many countries which are extremely popular among Pakistani people.  Some of the famous states are the following:

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest producers of petroleum. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in the holiest city of Mecca. He has received the first revelation from Allah in 610 and Hazrat Jibrail (AS) brought it. Many of the infidels rejected the holy message of Islam and has started persecuting Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad (AS) did Hijrah to a city which was Yathrib. It becomes popular as al-Madīnah al-Munawwarah which means the city of highest spiritualism. Mecca and Medina are the two most important sites for Muslims and serves as a symbol of their unity. Pakistanis have started living there after the independence of the country in 1947. There are also a million Pakistanis who are living and working there.  They have contributed to education.

Many of the Pakistanis go to Saudi Arabia for doing Hajj and Umrah.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has second largest number of Pakistanis. Immigration to the United Kingdom has started after independence. Better economic life of the United Kingdom was the basic reason for immigration.  There are many million Pakistanis living there. Sadiq Khan has become mayor of London and he is also of Pakistani descent. The immigrants from Pakistan have extensively contributed to numerous fields of life such as business, education, finance, military, politics, science, medicine and sports etc.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is a country which has the maximum number of Pakistanis. The government of Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognize the United Arab Emirates which was formed in 1971. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan remains extremely popular in Pakistan. He has led to the development of several institutions in Pakistan like Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Sheikh International Airports and other etc.

Most of the Pakistanis have developed their associations and organizations and advocating their rights in United Arab Emirates. There are more than 10 million Pakistanis living there.

United States of America

United States of America is the most powerful country on Earth and has quickly recognized Pakistan after independence. The economic progression in America had developed motivated many Pakistan. American remains the popular destination for Pakistan.  They have become an important part of United States of Pakistan.  Currently, the political administration discriminates against them and they are not granted visas for America.


We can conclude that above-mentioned countries are best for Pakistanis immigrants.

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