Website Redesign: Why, When, And How To Update Your Website


The world is continuously evolving. We have entered an era where everything seems to rely on hi-tech. The inventions that themselves were thought to be impossible a few decades ago are now advancing even further. Dial-up connections have turned into more convenient WiFis, Yahoo chat-rooms gave way to Various new and more user-friendly apps, MS paint has now replaced by Photoshop  CC, and so on. So everything changes to a more updated and convenient version quite fast in the present times. Things that are considered trending and new-tech one moment, is old and dated the following moment.

Website Redesign: Why, When, And How To Update Your Website
Website Redesign: Why, When, And How To Update Your Website

This fast-paced prospect of the modern age is what makes business owners often worry about when they should update their website and how soon should they change their layout design and features generally. If you too are worried about your business website upgrading and want to know the answers to these questions, read on.

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Often what happens is that you decide to change a few things in your website but then, thinking about the time and resources it will take makes you drop the idea right there. If you too have been through this, remember that updating your website can impact your online sales directly and it boosts up your profits to a great extent. So sticking to the old website design only causes loss to you in the long-run.

This blog is to guide you about when and why you should update your website. Let us discuss the ‘why’ part first.

Why You Should Consider Redesigning your Website

Redesigning your website is a task that takes a lot of creativity and the skills to analyze the existing design in order to see why it needs to be updated. Here, the approach that you should implement for analyzing your web design is how you can improve your site to make it more user-friendly and profitable. You need to focus on your audience to attain both the goals.

Two factors that determine how user-friendly and profitable your site is, are how much interactive your website appears, and how much traffic does it draw in. Your design should communicate to the audience both subtly and directly. If the update can make your website more convenient for communication and can improve your traffic, you should go for it without delay.

The elements of your current design that can help you improve your interaction with the audience are as follows:

Update Logo

A logo is the most important element in a website design as it represents the site. An effective logo can help a site become popular and recognizable in less time. Redesigning your logo can make your almost dead site traffic come back to life. Choosing an online designing app saves your time and resources as well. Search online logo designing agencies and look for the reviews and pricing range to select the best.

Observe your present logo design and think if you need an update or should you redesign your logo from scratch. Sites like Best Logo Design UK can provide you hassle-free services for updating or redesigning your logo. However, if you want to hire a professional designer make sure you give them an idea about what exactly you want because you understand your audience better. Look for the templates on good designing websites like Best Logo Design UK.

The composition of the Features

The aspect of your website that mainly shapes how many clicks you get on your call-to-action button is the composition of your website. The better the technique you use for your website composition, the more noticeable and convincing the call-to-action points to appear to the audience. See if your current design generates a good amount of clicks or do you think that a new design can do better.

When to Update your Website:

Generally, it is recommended that you should update your website every 3-4 years. However, there are a number of reasons that should be enough for you to redesign your website despite how old your current design is. Such as, if you are planning to rebrand your business, your website design should also be updated in order to let the online audience know about your rebranding. Also, if there is an upgraded tech that can help your website grow further, you should not give upgrading your site any delay. Sometimes, businesses extent their target market and that also lead to a website redesign. So it can also be a reason for redesigning. Here is a summarized list of when it is high-time for any website for an update:

  1. New tech is introduced
  2. The Business is Rebranding
  3. The Target Audience is Extent
  4. The current Website Template is Keeping You From Accomplishing Your Business Goals
  5. Simply want to Appear Modern

These are a few common reasons that businesses give for redesigning websites and they are absolutely valid because ignoring these reasons can have a negative impact on your business.

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