The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Guest Blogging Strategy


Planning for marketing yourself or your business? Have you ever tried Guest Blogging Services? No!!! Go for it today. You are a writer or simply want to acquire traffic for your blog, look forward to Guest Posting. It is an amazing way to build awareness about you or say you as a brand.

The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Guest Blogging Strategy
The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Guest Blogging Strategy

If you post engaging content then the audience of other sites may land upon your blog. You may have new readers to your website without having to put additional efforts for marketing.

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Guest blogging is not an advantage to the writer like one-way traffic but it is like a coin that has added benefits on both sides. As finding the right content for the sites and blogs is difficult these days but Guest Post Services land the opportunities to meet the talent and trusted writers.

The questions arise now are:

Where to post your content?

How to find effective websites for Guest Posting?

Are you curious to learn the answer?

Let’s have a look at the blog below.

Strategies to Follow for Effective Guest Blogging:

Every step in the digital world is for a motive. You do not step ahead without a reason. So the first strategy is to

  • Know your Goals:

Are you into Guest Post Services to

  • Build your brand image.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • To get the backlinks.
  • Marketing of your products and services.
  • Building a good email list or
  • To leave a mark in the world of content writers.

Be clear with your aim and then progress accordingly. With no specific aim, you’ll be landed nowhere.

  • Look for the Right Sites for Contribution:

Once you know your aim, now find where you should strike to gain satisfactory results. Search for the sites that are looking forward to guest authors and in need of content.

  • You may start your search with the Google search engine by making use of related keywords like: ‘topic keyword’ + write for us, ‘topic keyword’ + guest article, ‘topic keyword’ + become a contributor.
  • Carry out the similar search on Twitter, just type guest post or guest article and you will be available with a number of tweets.
  • Make the note of top results.
  • Look into guest posting services by finding where your competitors are guest posting.
  • You can also look into it by checking the source of inbound links. One of the ways is to log into SEMRush and see for the backlinks.
  • Assess the Options you Shortlisted:

Use Moz’s open site explorer to look for Domain Authority. It is essential to know is it worth to post on the site, does it have enough audience, and will you be able to satisfy your goals posting on the website and so on. Miz creates a complete analysis chart for each website. Also, look forward to a number of followers. A number of followers are not only important to you on your social media profile to be popular but it plays an important role in your business too.

Now, make use of Alexa to check the site traffic and audience from a different part of the world. Know your audience. Create content that suits the requirement of the website. Not every guest post is accepted and appreciated. A wrong step can lead you to a big downfall. If once the trust is broken it is hard to regain.

  • Make a Connection with the Site Owner:

Never pitch the site owner directly. It is important to build a connection first. You should not just have cheesy pitch but owning a strong content creating ability is a must. Analyze the type of content on their site. You can also follow them on twitter or Feedly to know what they accept. Be a continuous follower to find out their pattern. Probably a few weeks is essential to know what is liked by their readers. Tag them on your social media pages, whenever you share the content of their website. Make comments and clearly reflect your interest.

  • Choose an Attractive Topic:

Don’t be like folk of sheep. Choose a topic in your genre that is not preferably a choice for many. Make deep research. Open BuzzSumo it helps you to know what popular read is on the site you pitch. Create a similar topic to give extended information on what is not yet published on the website. Read all the guidelines offered by the website for writing and pitching.

With all the important prerequisites detailed above you are now ready to pitch and write a great Guest Post.

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