Here’s How to Optimize Your Experience in an Airplane


How can you optimize your flight experience, from the start which means browsing for flight deals to finish which means landing in a thrilling destination? I have rounded up my best airplane travel tips to optimize your flight experience go through it to find advice fit for savvy, modern, travelers who share in my hatred to incompetency.

How to Optimize Your Experience in an Airplane
How to Optimize Your Experience in an Airplane

Know how to optimize your Southwest airlines reservations flights purchases

Register for Airline Newsletters

Registering for airline newsletters and updates on the Facebook pages is a perfect way to get early alerts on sales. Southwest Airlines is a major example of this, as you will get an early warning of their sale dates and routes coming soon to be reduced.

Know in what way to Get Cheap Upgrades

Gone are the days of dressing elegantly and asking graciously for that business class upgrade. There are a couple of inventive ways to get reasonably priced business class upgrades on flights these days. One of them is to tender in a business class auction run by your airline. Some airlines sell off the residual business class seats a few days earlier than departure in a blind auction.

How does this work?

  • Purchase your ticket in economy class
  • Get emails from the airline informing you of the option to bid for a business class upgrade.
  • If you do not receive an email, check on the airline website; there you will find a list of the airlines that offer to bid for business class upgrade and links to the related page on their website
  • Choose the price you are eager to pay for the upgrade and place your bid; your credit card will not be charged unless you are successful in the bid
  • You will be informed about 24 hours earlier than flying if your bid has been successful

Make sure to go through the Fine Print: Avoid Unnecessary Fees

Read the fine print on your boarding pass, on your budget airline booking, and the company website. Budget airlines are meant to trick you out of money by taking benefit of your assumptions. The rules of other airlines do not apply when you fly on a budget airline.

Some usually held guesses are:

  • Carry-on bags are free
  • Online check-in is without charge and available whenever you wish for
  • Checked baggage fees are reasonable
  • Carry-on bag weight limits and size are the same as other airlines
  • They have free food and drinks
  • You have a designated seat

Always fly with a carry-on to save time and minimize baggage fees

By not checking a bag you are ahead in three vital ways already:

  • You do not have to arrive too early to check a stand or bag in that long line
  • You are exempt from the boring wait around the baggage carousel upon arrival
  • There is no possibility that your bag will be lost by the airline in shipment

Airplane Travel Tips for Liquids

The 3-1-1 rule is now normal across the world and as long as your liquids fit in that quart-sized zip lock bag, it is good to go. Baby formula and medicines can remain separate.

  • Follow the TSA rules and follow the 3-1-1 standard
  • Try travel-friendly products
  • Use contact cases to store makeup
  • Think wet wipes or baby wipes for makeup removers
  • Consider bottles that are squeezable for those liquids such as sunscreen, lotion, and shampoo
  • Consider dry versions of typically wet things, such as shampoo and conditioner bars, to free up space in your zip lock
  • Use smaller travel size containers of your preferred products

Optimize Your Flight Gear

There are a few things that will make your flight more at ease and assist you to turn up feeling less strained and better rested. I would suggest packing headphones, cozy socks, travel pillow, etc.

Optimize Your Travel Attire

What you wear on your travel day matters. Feeling at ease is as vital as looking presentable. Select your travel clothes to make the most of style and comfort while reducing weight in your bag. In other words, wear heavier things such as jeans or jeggings, a t-shirt or sweater, a cardigan in summer and coat in winter.

How to Pack Your Snacks?

Be sure that anything crunchy and perishable is stored in a zip lock bag carefully on top so that it does not get crushed. Small snack items, such as bars, or small containers of candies or nuts can be organized in a packing cube so that they are not rolling around in your bag and finding their way to the bottom.

Stay hydrated

The cabins within the airplane are dry, so drink lots of water to hydrate your skin and body. Instead of waiting for small bottles of water from the flight attendants, bring an empty water bottle that you can ask to have filled up. Any plastic bottle will do.

As the rules and regulations of the airline vary; it is always better to check with the respective airline company. For instance, before booking Southwest airline reservation make sure that you get in touch with the airlines’ company and find out their specific rules and regulations.

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