Renewal of Driving License in Bangalore, Karnataka


Driving License (DL) is an essential document one should always carry while driving. Usually, people carry their license, but the problem occurs when it gets expired. The expired DL, however, is valid for the next 30 days of past expiration date. The process of renewal of driving license can be started anytime after post-expiration or from 30 days before expiration. The renewable license will be issued with effect from the date of expiry if applied by 30 days period of post-expiration but, if the application for renewal of the driving license is submitted after the 30 days post-expiration then the renewal of DL will be done with the effect of the receipt of the proper application submission in the R.T.O.

Renewal of Driving License in Bangalore, Karnataka
Renewal of Driving License in Bangalore, Karnataka

One can easily apply for driving license renewal in Bangalore RTO. The renewal form can also be downloaded online and with required documents, can be submitted to the nearest RTO office.

Required documents for renewal of Driving License in Bangalore:

  1. Proof of age (Any valid identity document issued by the government such as Passport, Voter ID card, PAN Card, AADHAR Card, etc.)
  2. Proof of Residence (Any one of the legal documents which show the address of the applicant such as lease agreement, electricity bill, telephone bill, Passport, etc.)
  3. Passport size photograph (Numbers can vary)
  4. A certificate of medical fitness clearance by any certified doctor.
  5. Expired Driving License.

Eligibility for renewal of DL:

  • Application for renewal of Driving License in Bangalore shall be made not more than one month before the date of expiration of the particular DL.
  • The applicant cannot apply for the renewal of the driving license after the five years of the expiry date. If one wants new DL after five years of the date of expiry, then the applicant must undergo the entire process of obtaining a fresh new license.

Fees for renewal of DL (Subject to change):

  • For renewal of DL within the grace period – ₹ 200
  • For renewal of DL after the grace period – ₹ 300
  • For renewal of PVC card of DL – ₹ 215

The procedure of Renewal of Driving License in Bangalore:

  1. The applicant requires to visit the official website of the RTO and fill the driving license renewal form (Form No. 9) carefully.
  2. Take a print out of the adequately filled form and attach all the required documents mentioned above with it.
  3. Go to your nearest RTO office and submit the application along with all the documents and don’t forget to take the receiving receipt from the counter.
  4. The applicant can also find the offline driving license renewal form at the RTO office if he/she is not comfortable filling online forms. The applicant can fill that offline form and repeat the same process mentioned above.
  5. The applicant can also be asked to enclose a registered post envelope of Indian Post with the residence address by the RTO to send the renewed license.

If the RTO finds all fine with the applicant’s application, then the renewed driving license will be sent to the mentioned address in the form within the next 30 days.

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