The Most Beautiful Natural Wonders In India


India is not only a country of largely diverse topography but due to the presence of many natural beauties is also considered as a land of wonders.

Hence, it is no secret that people from far and away travel to India in the hope of covering all or most of the natural wonders. Your geography teacher might have skipped telling you about them, but we will not.

So, if you have the zeal to explore these hidden gems and wish to know more about the most beautiful natural wonders that are treasured in this incredible India, then you are at the right place.

The Most Beautiful Natural Wonders In India
The Most Beautiful Natural Wonders In India

Here we have sorted out some of the best natural wonders for you!

  1. Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra

Lonar Crater Lakes, located in the Buldhana District in Maharashtra, is considered as the world’s oldest and best – preserved meteoric crater. Formed approximately fifty – two thousand years ago in basalt rock, the crater is only one of its kind existing on the planet.

Over time with the jungle taking over the deep depression, this crater is now converted into a mesmerising emerald green lake. Blessed with surroundings sprinkled with maskelynite, a unique mineral, the water of this forest-fringed lake supports some of that microorganism which are rarely found anywhere else on the planet.

Overall, the Lonar Crater Lake is surely one of the most beautiful natural wonders one can find in India.

  1. Elephant’s Head Point, Mahabaleshwar

Also known as the Needle Hole Point, surrounded by lush greenery, away from the chaos of city life, the place is perfect for admiring natural beauty. The reason that makes this place special and different is the fact that the rock formation at the place is such that they form the shape of an elephant’s trunk.

Moreover, the place combines and gives its visitors the unique experience of being blessed with a waterfall, dam and the qualities of an Echo Point all in one!

There is also a telescope mounted on the top which provides the scenic views of the gorgeous Deccan trap. This justifies why the place is always flocked with a number of tourists always.

  1. Sendra Islands and Loktak Lake, Manipur

Loktak Lake and Sendra Islands located in the gorgeous state of Manipur are a perfectly blended combination of unmatched beauty and natural wonders.

Not only is Loktak Lake the largest freshwater lake in India but doubling the charm of this already gorgeous lake you can find here the beautiful Sendra Island which is the world’s only floating island and is made up of organic waste.

Whether it is the clear water of the lakes, the surrounding lush greenery, the labyrinth of boat routes or the gorgeous crimson sky at the time of sunset, the place is perfect in all ways. It is a combination of a dynamic ecosystem which anyone would not want to miss! You can enjoy all beautiful natural wonder if you plan a viaje a la India.

  1. Magnetic Hills, Ladakh

Defying the scientific rules of gravity are these gorgeous Magnetic Hills which are a pure natural wonder located near Leh in Ladakh. Imagine a car moving up with its ignition off, it’s not a joke. This is possible at Magnetic Hills.

The descending and rising terrains cause an optical illusion of no gravity, but whatever may be the reason, these magnetic hills attract thousands of tourists every year. The best time to pay Magnetic Hills a visit is between the months of July and September.

Go here and visit not only a natural wonder but serene landscapes, majestic peaks as well as relish delicious food.

The beauty of these gorgeous natural wonders in India will definitely leave you speechless!

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