Dubai’s Jumeirah gets freehold makeover as demand for luxury living grows


Well yes, keeping the demand of high end living in mind, Dubai’s Jumeirah got a freehold to makeover for the neighbors and the tourists. According to Khalid Al Malik, Chief Real Estate Officer, that people are changing and with that change, their choice of living has also changed and this change is increasing the real estate business. He also added that the modern changes that are being done are only made considering the demand and choice of the people around. People have inclined more towards luxury living than the mainstream in Dubai.

Dubai's Jumeirah gets freehold makeover as demand for luxury living grows
Dubai’s Jumeirah gets freehold makeover as demand for luxury living grows

The renovation is being done in different phases and it might take up to five years for the completion. But the good part is that the makeover of the first three phases will be announced very soon by the government. The basic concept of Jumeirah will remain the same, considering the old Arab style, but the estate will be connected to Madinat Jumeirah through a bridge and that bridge will continue to take you further towards the beach. Madinat Jumeirah Living is one of the luxurious projects located in opposite Burj Al Arab.  It won’t be wrong to say that the construction will be one of its own kind.

The lush green pathways between the residential area and the winding walkway add delight to your daily life.

Traditional Neighborhoods Of Jumeirah

The traditional neighborhoods of Jumeirah and Wasl are already witnessing the great changes that will bring in a luxurious lifestyle to Jumeirah. In fact, many islands are occurring and amazingly they already have owners. People are buying these islands with a rapid speed and in no time the real estate revenue will reach the sky.  Not only this but Meraas, government-owned property, have a functional luxury apartment under this project in Jumeirah and the prices of these apartments lie between Dh 1.5 million to Dh 3.7 million. The demand for these apartments is showing people’s choice of luxurious living in Dubai.

Having said this but the old neighborhood of Jumeirah has not lost its value. The traditional neighborhood is still in demand as it was earlier. In fact, people are choosing to live near Jumeirah now. ‘Jumeirah Central” has been declared as ‘destination of future’ by AL Malek. He also said the original concept of Jumeirah is still there, the only changes that would occur will be according to the new freehold plan and also considering the choice of current modern market.

Madinat and Jumeirah Central

Even though Madinat Jumeirah living and Jumeirah Central projects are progressing but the Dubai freehold has a long way to go. And these changes will definitely leave the world in awe. It has also been announced that Marsa Al Arab, a set of Twin Island, located at either side of the Burj Al Arab will add further 2.2 KM to Dubai’s beachfront.

Mall of the World has also been announced in this project. This mall will be the biggest retail and entertainment center in the whole wide world. Earlier it was planned that the construction site of this mall will be where currently Jumeirah Center is standing but later it was shifted to Dubailand.

Al Malek closed the freehold talk by saying that the concept was the biggest part and designing the master plan and other steps are just small steps towards bringing the concept to life. But the exact opening dates will be announced when they sense that the market is ready to welcome them.

Dubai has a competitive market and this competition will not end here but will increase yearly. Keeping such market habit in mind, the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai will become a standard living very soon. And the market will be taken over by the Real Estates who will claim to provide such a high-end lifestyle.

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