What it Takes to Make Best Carpets

Carpet industry is one of the strongest industry with a very high competition across the globe. The urge of playing with the threads to create something diverse is on its peak. Manufacturers from all around the world strive to protect their consumers not to divert from the classy carpet look to hard flooring and this is one of a kind struggle. Every kind of carpet has its own standards and maintenance level the durability of the carpet depends on few factors. We will discuss each factor in detail and then decide which one has to be the best carpet that’s worth buying whether it be for consumer use or commercial use.

What it takes to make best carpets
What it takes to make best carpets

 Starting off with the initials i.e. fabric we already know the fact that carpets are made out of two type one is natural fibers and the other synthetic lets first talk about the natural fibers. Most of them are taken from the plants. On the very top is Abaca one of the strongest natural fiber as compared to the others, having a light or say dull color can easily me submerged with others or can simply be dyed to create different designs. On our list the second natural fiber is bamboo fiber, as the name suggests it has the ability to soak in moisture and this very kind is used to create bathroom mats for both commercial and consumer use. Of the most durable natural fiber comes from the coconut plant. This natural lively plant has a strong ability to last longer than the others. Then in our list comes the jute fiber, which when converted into yarn gives a thick texture basically to produce sturdy carpets. When it comes to synthetic materials following are the once that are used to weave or crochet into rugs, nylon6, 6, nylon 6 polypropylene and polyester. Amongst all of these nylon 6, 6, is used vividly for larger productions as it is has dust and stain resistant properties.

Is the carpet worth buying whether it’s made up of natural fibers or the synthetic ones? Next on our lists is how to check the depth originality of the carpet as described by the vendor? Each thread is twisted and turned and then knotted down. The closely the knots are tied the dense the carpet becomes and the more chances are that the texture remains the same. The ones made with machines has a refined texture and can be identified easily. The ones that are hand woven are sealed with heat. This process makes the carpet last longer. Such carpets also require high maintenance. The difference between the natural fiber and synthetic ones can be identified easily and if one knows this trick that every person can’t be fooled. Its call the heat test take a matchstick and try to burn one fiber of the entire carpet if it burns it’s not an original oriental carpet.

Next on our list are dyes, we always assume that the carpet we are buying has a long lasting color and doesn’t fade out in time? Let me clear you all the natural fibers are dyed with colors that are naturally produced and not artificially dyed that’s the reason that such designs whether it be Persian for instance have specific color schemes and blends. Whereas the ones you see in the market with a variety of color schemes and blends are because of the fact large scale producers use artificial dyes that are vibrant and sharp with the label that its color won’t has worn off in time until taken special measures. But these measures don’t take a lot of effort and one can do that on daily basis.

When finally one knows the basics of identifying carpets it makes it quite easier to buy. Many people have this concept that the denser the carpet will be meaning how closely the threads will be knotted together the more high quality the carpet would be. But does that make it more durable? We have mentioned above that the nylon 6.6 has some qualities that make it people’s choice. Many of them are found on different websites and have an immense comparison that assures you that the one that you are about to purchase has all the qualities that one demands.

For the people who have the love for luxury carpets or antiques eBay is a good option to buy it from. If we see the expense ratio to quality then natural fibers take it all. These luxury carpets have their special kind of feel that none others can attain. Choosing from styles whether it be Persian, Indian or made in the Philippines every manufacturer has gone through an immense hard work in weaving carpets from collecting material to its finished form every single thread speaks of it. And now that it has become easier to have a custom made carpet large manufacturers have taken the edge of it.

Lastly we conclude that no matter the synthetic material is cheaper and is widely available across UK and has vibrant colors to make any environment pop up, denser the carpet more cozy it become. Still all of these can’t be compared to all of the production that has been hand woven and are the best amongst all others. Yes we all can’t afford all the goodness of natural hand made products so we compromise on the ones that are available in the market. We people now have the edge of buying carpets online where we get a professional guide that is designated interior designer that helps us buy compare contrast carpets whether it be for commercial use or for consumers. This market has so much evolved that we have carpets for every different part of the room for bedrooms a softer cozier version, for stairways rigged ones, hallways have a long tough textured with geometrical designs. Every brand has named them according to the consumer preference of colors and textures.no matter what these have become essential part of our lives

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