Winter Layering Made Easy!

It’s that time of the year when the winter chill is here to bring back all the cool weather shivers and warm snug outfits. Now is the time to take out all your layering options whether it’s your summer dresses, your cozy leggings, your edgy denim jackets, and so much more to make the most of your winter layering… While most people think that winter is the most gloomy season with hardly any options to go for when it comes to clothing, since all we can think of is to keep ourselves nice and warm with styling coming to our minds as probably the last thing on your minds. But not anymore, we have curated a list of winter wear for you so that you can easily amp up your winter outfits in a much better and effortless way!

Winter Layering Made Easy
Winter Layering Made Easy

Colors: when it comes to styling your look right, picking the best colours options for yourself is the key to nail the look right. Winters are for colours that not only compliment the weather but also help in uplifting your mood in this gloomy season. Opt for colours like deep reds, ochre, olives, darker blues, or colour that have a neutral tone to them like beige, grey or black and browns that look lovely during the winter season. The best part about them is that they can be paired with any given colour and compliment every skin tone.

Jackets: jackets are the easiest way to layer your winter outfits. They automatically make you look smart along with keeping you all warm. Pick a sleeveless jacket this winter with a single front button in shades like maroon or a checkered blue and opt for a black turtleneck along with a flared pair of pants to complete your look. Sleeveless jackets are a rage this season and looks great at work as well as outside of work…

Bottoms:  bottoms are something people are most skeptical about how to pair them during the winter season. But in fact the reality is, during winters you can pair your single pair of pants with multiple looks and styles. What’s trending this season are the jodhpur pants in pop colours like ochre and aubergine checks. You can either pair them with kaftans or with ponchos in muted tones to strike the perfect balance. You can also go for pants that have a fitted silhouette as they tend to make you look bulkier sweater appearance a more balanced one.

Boots: boots are the best way to accessorize your winter outfits. They are chic yet edgy at the same time and instantly up your styling game without too much effort. This season go for boots that have an offbeat colour like grey, maroon, olive or ochre and style your outfits in the most edgy ways. Oxfords are another best option to go for to style your looks. They are not only chic but suit most of the outfits without putting in too much of an effort. Colours like cherry red, deep blue, black, or tan work well during winters and with most of the outfits.

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