Know the Facts of Air Conditioner Ducts for more Business Comfort!


It is an expensive investment when it comes to an HVAC system. You want to be sure that the system which you have purchased for your business continues to function as it should for many years to come as you are putting thousands of dollars into your ongoing comfort.

Know the Facts of Air Conditioner Ducts for more Business Comfort
Know the Facts of Air Conditioner Ducts for more Business Comfort

It is very important that you understand how the air conditioner ducts work as they are an essential part of the cooling process for central AC unit.

Today we are going to discuss everything about the functioning of the air conditioning ducts, their size, insulation and many more. This will help you to understand your air conditioning well and maintaining comfort and coolness in your business premises.

It is really very important to have your business running in a smoother manner. But to ensure this you need to maintain and also take proper care for the ducts of the ducted aircon Sydney.

Functioning of the Duct

To distribute cool air throughout your business place, the central air conditioning systems uses the duct. The process begins inside your house where the hot air is sucked into the unit, treated, cooled, and is blown back through a blower in a split AC system. Relying on a system of duct tubes to ensure that the cool air reaches every area of the house as the blower is connected to the ductwork.

Your business place is most likely does not have the ducts if you have a split ductless air conditioning system. Your air conditioner works through the indoor blower units which cool the rooms in which they are located if this is the case. It still works effectively and is great for providing zoned comfort although the system does not operate with the ducts.

The Size of the Ducts

It is crucial that all the duct sections will be sized properly if your business place has ducts. The undersized ductwork can cause inefficient and noisy operation while the oversized ductwork can be a waste after all.

Make sure that your contractor evaluates whether your ducts need to be resized or not if you are having a new air conditioning system installed. It may require the duct resizing and replacement with an upgrade from a very old AC system to a new one.

If you have recently constructed an addition for your business or are adding a central air system to an existing heating system for the first time, you should also be careful with this.

Insulation of the Ducts

Ducts must also be sealed and insulated in addition to being sized properly. To stay cool and comfortable during the summer and not getting stuck paying high utility bills unnecessarily is what this ensures.

Your conditioned air can escape through the leaks and wastes up to 40 percent of the energy which is used to run the system when the ducts are not properly sealed and insulated. When your utility bill comes due to this can make your business place feel hot and uncomfortable and cost you plenty of extra money.

Do not attempt to identify or fix the problem yourself if you think that your ducts are leaking. In this case, you should always contact an HVAC contractor who will be evaluating the ductwork along with any repairs or leaks and get your cooling system back on track.

Problems with the Ducts

Duct leaks, damage, and disconnection are some of the more common duct problems. Through improper installation, rough maintenance checks or weight being applied to them is why the damages would occur.

The consequences can include an uncomfortable working place with higher utility bills, noisy air conditioner operation and poor quality of air If the above issues occur.

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