Teacher’s Role to Improve Children’s Behavior


Teachers play an important role in a student’s life. In the past teachers was not played that much role in student’s behavior. But in this modern era teachers plays a very important role in their life. Their behavior mainly changes when they enter into school life. At first, they follow their parents but after that an active teacher influence students behavior. Students mainly expect teachers to be very friendly when they like teacher naturally they start liking their subject. Mainly they need some positive reinforcement from the teacher’s side. If the teacher is rude and not at all giving any kind of positive comment on his work then their reaction will also be like that.

Teacher's Role to Improve Children's Behavior
Teacher’s Role to Improve Children’s Behavior

They will react rudely and will not do any kind of work which was given by the teacher which indirectly affects their learning process. If a child is not showing any kind of positive behavior and always irritates in the classroom then the teacher needs to take that student for case study and should try to change that student’s behavior through positive reinforcement and with good rapport. So the teacher must be like a second parent to the child.

Positive reinforcement

When a child does well in their academic life and teacher positively comments and appreciate the effort of students this will make them more confidence and they will try their best in another activity. If a child is doing wrong again and again teacher observes it and helps that student to do it better next time. Such involvement of teacher in student’s academic life will make them do their hard work in their all activities.

Giving responsibility

When a child is not taking learning seriously and not following any rule and always irritates and misbehaves in the classroom. To make them responsible the teacher gives the responsibility to that particular student. Maybe giving the responsibility of class or giving the responsibility of collecting books such simple responsibility will make them disciplined and they will feel that they are counted in the classroom and hey will start following the rules and ask the others to follow the rules. They will feel responsible and we can see a deep change in their behavior.

Talk about their taste and interest

Students always like to talk with teachers about their interest and about their feelings. So much talking will make them active in the classroom. The continuous class will make them bored and they will lose their concentration over learning. So to make them fresh and active teacher must talk to them out of the box. Share your interest and feelings when they feel happy naturally they will show their interest in coming school and sit in that particular class. Such a pleasant atmosphere in the class will make them happy and they will never be tired of spending time in school.

                    In every sense, teachers play a very important role in a student’s life. If they love their teacher they will show that love in their learning. Firstly they follow their parents later on teachers are their main friends and they follow their words. So teacher plays a major role in modifying the student’s life and making them successful in their life. Teacher makes them go in the right path and reach their destination.


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