Role of Preschool Teachers in Children’s Growth


As Albert Einstein rightly said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. There is no doubt that an educator plays a significant role in a child’s life, molding the child’s knowledge and understanding of concepts. By understanding their individual needs, they guide and nurture children. It is important to know that the emotional, social and physical development of young children have a direct impact on their overall development and on the adult, they will ultimately become.

Role of Preschool Teachers in Children s Growth
Role of Preschool Teachers in Children s Growth

Choice of teachers for preschool franchise opportunities hence becomes a significant decision as these are the individuals who will be educating the young learners as they learn key skills at any play school in Dwarka. There are some key qualities that proprietors running play school franchise in India can look for when hiring teachers.

All children are impressionable, especially toddlers. It follows that the adults surrounding them influence their physical, intellectual and emotional growth. In fact, these early influences chart the course of adulthood. Amongst these adults who have a crucial role to play, a pivotal role is that of teachers.

A child enters into a formal institutionalized setting for the first time on entering preschool. This period is fraught with separation anxiety for the child. Away from the security of the home, they are trying to find their bearings in a new environment as they go to the best play school in Dwarka.  If they are welcomed each day into an atmosphere of loving warmth and security, their confidence will get a boost and they will find it far easier to navigate the world around them.

At this stage more than at any other that children learn through osmosis and imitation. And the person they emulate the most is their teacher. Every gesture, every word, every attitude of the teacher is falling on fertile soil and taking root.  So, with their words and actions, a teacher is sowing seeds of attitudes like reverence for one’s things and surroundings, discipline, and dignity of labor.

What Is A Preschool Teacher?

Usually, up to the age of 5, a preschool teacher is responsible for teaching children, about things related to intellectual, physical and social growth. To get them ready for kindergarten, they will help the children to interact with others while learning necessary tools. Since it all depends on the state in which they teach, some preschool teachers must be certified while others may not have to be. Preschool, daycare or other types of child development centers are the various types of settings where the preschool teacher will instruct children.

Setting up enthusiasm

First and foremost teachers must be passionate about making a meaningful difference in children’s lives. This feeling goes beyond just enjoying the company of kids and playing around with them. The urge for teaching kids and unlocking their potential to dream should come from within.  Any leading play school in Dwarka will have a good number of trained educators. One of the key criteria for hiring educators is their enthusiasm and high energy levels. They should be capable of running, walking, playing, sitting, jumping, and basically, thoroughly engaging with kids.

Learning of Patience

Working with kids can often be a tiring task. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Considering their young age preschoolers ought to have a short attention span and limited self-control. A patient teacher can understand the needs of both parents and the child and adapt to learning solutions which are best for the child.

Bridging the gap between parents’ expectations and children’s achievements

Teachers are often the link between parents and children and should be able to communicate to parents about the child’s needs, problems and, achievements. Some parents complain that their child doesn’t share his school talks with them and often keep wondering if h/she is performing well. Sometimes parents share with teachers certain qualities like sharing, the confidence of talking in the public, etc that they feel the child may lack.  In such situations, it is the teacher who bridges the gap between parents’ expectations and children’s achievements. Educators at any play school in Dwarka must be clear about the developmental milestones of a child as well as the expected outcome. Sometimes circumstances may require the teacher to explain to parents about not expecting wonders from a child at a young age. For example – some parents want their 5 years old kid to narrate stories and rhymes and count numbers till 100. In such situations, educators must know about the developmental milestone of a child at the age of 5 and should communicate it appropriately to parents about not expecting the world from a little learner.

Developing Creative Skills

Educators often need to plan for making the lesson plan engaging and enjoyable for children using various available teaching aids like charts, role plays, and displays for the classroom. A unique personality and learning style is seen in every child. To teach every child effectively, teachers may need to adapt lessons as per the individual learning styles of children.


Since they are helping to shape the young ones into wonderful people, a preschool teacher has a very important job as they work at any lading play school in Dwarka. When they get to primary school, the skills which children acquire during their preschool years will help them out greatly.

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