How to Help Kids Overcome the Fear of Failure?


Not only kids adults also afraid of failure. And it is natural and it can’t be controlled by the overnight process. It needs lots of patience and self-belief. As a teacher, I have seen my students not coming forward because of failure. That time the only thing I tell them if you need the confidence to come forward and do your work, success, and failure is the other part of the story. If you come forward bravely then you have completed the half battle and the next is failure or success. In that time you should never think of that result you must try to do it your work confidently and with all respect, you must accept the result as well. When we are talking about the confidence factor or self-believing factor we must keep in mind that we have also go through that situation and we will be able to understand the emotions go through in our mind so it is not an overnight process it needs time and patience to accept the result.

How to Help Kids Overcome the Fear of Failure?
How to Help Kids Overcome the Fear of Failure?

So get too depressed and sad while they face failure but we must encourage them that failure is not the end of the story we must think positively in every sense. At first I also had that depressed emotion when something went wrong in my work or I didn’t do it perfectly but in another part we must think that everything happens for reason failure of success we must accept it with grace and if you met with failure try to do it success next time and if you faced success try to maintain that success. Especially kids are so soft in their heart when compared to the adults they get hurt when they face failure but it is the responsibility of the parents as well teacher to make them understand and to boost confidence in them.

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Share your experience with kids

It is really important to make them understand that failure is the part of everyone’s life. It is not only happening in their life. For that, you can share your some stories where you have failed and raised in another part. So your experience will make them somewhat relaxed and maybe they will be to accept the failure of they face in their life. So such stories will make them ready to face any result. Kids always need some kind of bitter experienced stories otherwise their concept of life will be filled with negative thoughts and they will think of why me? Such thoughts will stop their growing activities and they will try their skill in any other activities because of fear. So always make them ready to deal with any activity. Never prepare them success also prepare them for failure. If they are going to competition wish them luck at the same time never fill their mind with loads of expectations it will harm them. So it purely based on teachers as well as parents upbringing how they teach their child about life. You can also share the others experience in life famous personalities experience who met a lot of failures but still fought and now they are living a successful life. Such stories and real-life experience will inspire the students.

Have a chat

You must be able to have a conversation with your child about the concept of failure and success. It really important to show the child that their two results come from the activities one is a failure and one is a success. So chats with them over it make them understand the difference and the value of the both in life. By failure you have to learn more and work hard and also in the success you have work more it is successful. So your chat over it will make them understand the importance and your idea on it. The parents and teacher’s concept about that matter is very important to a child. If the parents show deep interest in the success the child will behave like the same. If the patents show respect to both parts then the child will behave according to it. Your aggression over failure will make them nervous and they will feel fear to face the failure. So never show any negativity towards failure. If your child face failure your words counts a lot so always be positive and praise their performance and value their hard work.

Never blame them for failure

It is a very important message t the parents when your child face failure and negative comment for their work. Never blame them for that. It will make them depressed and shattered. After that, they will never try their luck on any activities. So always encourage them and fill their mind with positive thought and encourage them to do their work better than the previous one. Your support means a lot. If you support them the failure will not be able to reduce their confidence.

Show your love

Always keep in your mind is that children’s always seek for love from their parents as well as teachers so you must be able to show your love to your kid. Your unconditional love to them. Make them understand that you love them in every situation whether they have failed or succeeded your love them unconditionally and you will be with them in any situation. Such thoughts will make them confident and will make them work hard for the future.

 In every stage, your child needs your support and encouragement. Without your support and encouragement, they can’t do anything. So their fear of failure is natural what they need are your support and your positive words. Discuss with them when they are in difficult situation give them the necessary advice and lead them to the right path. This will lead them to success. Love your kid and show to them that you love them in every situation your love is not on the basis of the failure of success. So always support your child in every situation identify their failure factor give them a necessary suggestion and lead them to success.


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