What are the ways in which Mobile App will take a leap in 2019?


Mobile marketing is not completely new in the digital era but with the recent advancements in technology Mobile marketing has taken a massive leap. Mobile commercials are corroborated to be a massive success in advertising and marketing. Mobile marketing encompasses every aspect that connects advertisers to consumers through mobile devices and networks. Mobile devices include phones, media devices, PDAs, versatile gaming consoles, tablet, and those devices which function as all the above mentioned. Moreover, mobile marketing is not just an option, it’s an important aspect of Online Marketing.

What are the ways in which Mobile App will take a leap in 2019
What are the ways in which Mobile App will take a leap in 2019

What are the mobile marketing trends in 2019?

The latest mobile marketing trends will impact your business in numerous ways. The collaboration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), video ads, influence marketing is extremely important as they play a major role in mobile technology developments.   Mobile marketing combines several aspects such as proximity, immediacy, and impulse to generate revenue. The profit perspective that lies within mobile marketing is limitless.

Beneath we have listed some of the major areas where mobile marketing will be massive in 2019,

  • 5G connectivity is going to be huge in 2018. According to the survey, the real impact will be clearly visible only by 2020. However, you will start to see greater investment in streaming platforms and AdTech.
  • AR and VR can continue to give brands and marketers the ability to layer on data and computer-generated graphics on top of the video, photographs, and day-to-day transactions through the phone. By the end of 2019, we’ll also be able to see creative messaging and imagery to the user’s experience.
  • The universality of voice text is changing how we interact with others. A recent survey has revealed that over 50 percent of all the search activity will be based on voice. While the effect of voice search is not limited to the mobile.


The success secret of every marketer is to keep themselves updated with all the current and ongoing market trends. When it comes to mobile marketing, the trend changes day-in-and-day-out. It is important to be ahead of curves. By doing the necessary research it is not difficult to find solutions to make these trends attainable.

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