Why do you need to run an SEO Website Audit?


Are you still struggling to get your website at the top of the Google search results? You must be wondering why do your competitors have higher rankings even after they have poorer UX and lower authority? If you are confused where to start to make your website stand out and reach the top of the SERPs, then we would recommend you getting an on-page SEO audit. Don’t worry about spending extra money from your pocket to get an SEO audits there are many Free SEO audit tools to help you do it in no time.

Why do you need to run an SEO Website Audit
Why do you need to run an SEO Website Audit

We have an answer to all your digital worries!

Let us first begin with discussing SEO audit?

By auditing the SEO of your website, you will be able to evaluate your site to check its ability to appear in SERPs.

It looks for any issues that could be on your website; once you find out those issues, you can work on correcting them. How does it help? When you will get to know the shortcomings of your website you will be able to work on it and therefore help boost the performance of the page.

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On page SEO audit and off page SEO audit makes a website well designed, excellent and clean.

A full SEO audit gives an actionable plan that can help in the following ways:

  • Compare yourself to your competitors
  • Identify all the shortcomings
  • Get a general overview of the efficiency of the SEO of your website
  • Uncover all the weaknesses of your website
  • It will give a future to your website

Main factors that you need to focus on while auditing your website

Create good meta descriptions

With a good meta description, you invite a searcher to your website. If you have a small, short and sweet meta description, then that will attract more and more readers to your website. So, begin with improving your meta title and description.

Make sure that your pages are mobile friendly

Your aim should be to give all the mobile users a seamless experience by creating mobile versions of the websites. Year by year the rush on the mobile versions of the website is increasing and it willgrow in the coming few years.

Nowadays, everyone finds it convenient to browse the internet on their websites.

Perform a website crawl

When crawlers crawl on your website, then it can detect the various problems that might be present in the shadows. If you set your webpage to noindex then search engines will not crawl your page. And with no index you are losing the opportunity to rank your page as with this, you will not be able to bring organic traffic to your page. After when you have crawled your site then you can work on improving the UX of your website.

Keyword research is the key

When you have once uncovered the main keyword for your website then next you need to search for any other related keywords. With the sight set of keyword and content that compliments your website, you can take your website to the top of the SERPs.

Improve the UX

The search engines every day are getting smarter and smarter. So, you have to make sure that UX is good, and in case if your UX is bad then your SEO and rankings will drop too. You can improve your UX experience in endless ways.

Website Colors

The colors on your website must match your brand. There should be a particular color scheme,and like this, your website will become more noticeable.

Headings are the windows to the content

Make sure that your headings are catchy and stand out.

Using more videos and images

With the help of images and videos you can attract more and more visitors and if you have already enough then, attractive videos and images can help they stay on the page for a longer period.

Keep important content at the top

The very first glance of a visitor on your website must make the reader stay there for a good while.

An SEO audit will uncover all kinds of website errors and throw light on what needs to be fixed to boost your website’s search engine visibility.

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