Facilities Provided By Paying Guest Accommodation


Nowadays paying guest is most demanding. It is getting demanded on the first choice for the number of males and females who comes from different places for studying further, or looking for jobs.

Paying guest is different from hostels. It can be said that PGs are better compare to hostels.

Nagpur, the Orange City is always flooded with the students from other places for their well-known universities.  People are also migrating from the nearby places to seek for the better jobs.

Facilities Provided By Paying Guest Accommodation
Facilities Provided By Paying Guest Accommodation

Renting a house on all alone is not affordable for a student, or job seeker. Also, in the rented house the individual needs to attend everything on own.

Hostel is somewhat better compare to renting a house. But, the hostels never provide that feel at home.

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What are the facilities provided by the Nagpur PG accommodation?

  1. Room facilities

Rooms are furnished with the necessary furniture like, beds, wardrobes, and writing tables. In, some PGS as per their charge they provide the television facility. The room can adjust a single person, or more than the space availability. The room mostly have the attached washroom.

  1. Maid facility

It is nothing compulsory rule for any paying guest. But the option of maid service is available in many PGs to clean the room and washroom with additional personal works like washing clothes and plates. The owner charges extra for providing this service.

  1. Washroom

The washrooms are designed as per modern style. The toilet is combat and the shower taps are having inflow of both the hot and cold water. There is enough storage of water for using it entire day. The collected water in the tanks is enough to meet the needs of numbers of room partners.

  1. Food service

Students and job person don’t get enough time to prepare food stuffs for them. Mostly, they depend on the hotels and restaurants. But, this outside food is risk to health factor. So, the PGs have availed the food services for their tenant. The paying guest is charged additional for it. This is one of the best services for the paying guest as the home-made food are much better and cheaper compare to food outside. It also saves the time spent in hunt for food every day. PG For Women In Nagpur are quite affordable and easy to find it.

  1. Laundry services

Washing clothes are regular need for everyone. The paying guest is loaded with the facility of washing machine to make easier for them to wash and clean their laundry on time.

  1. Security

Nowadays, mostly all the places, especially running the commercial works from the house are installed with CCTV surveillance for 24×7 hours. This is much beneficial, especially for females. In, some buildings and houses guards are appointed for security purposes.

  1. Special services

Well, in every PG air conditioning facility is not there. It all depends from the owners providing the services as per their rent charges. But, in a place like Nagpur, it is the best facility as the hotness of the place, especially in the summer days are unbearable.

  1. Transport and other needs

The PGs have easy access to transport at a walking distance. All, the other needs like medical stores, coaching classes, and daily needs stores, and metro facilities are easily accessible.

  1. Locality

The PGs are located in posh and residential areas. This enhances the safety degree for females returning late from the job. The good residential areas can extend their helping hands in case of emergencies when the owner is not present.

Nagpur is well-known place for many reasons. In last decade, it has shown the enormous growth in every sector. People are migrating from other lands for studies, and grabbing jobs. Now, the addition of the metro has raised the place value.

The PG business is growing here enormously. The list above can add the valuable and most required details about the PGs in Nagpur.

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