Why Self-study Is A Better Option For IIT JEE Main Exam


For cracking JEE securing admission into a prestigious coaching center has been rated to be the first step. But in recent times this trend has witnessed a downward curve particularly due to the emergence of JEE main and advanced sample paper 2019. If you analyse in depth sample paper for JEE mains and advanced 2019 you will figure out that students opting for coaching classes are on the lesser side. Now the question is self-study or enrolls in some coaching classes.  The former seems better and there are various reasons why it deserves a flip.

Why Self-study Is A Better Option For IIT JEE Main Exam
Why Self-study Is A Better Option For IIT JEE Main Exam

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One of the main advantages of studying on your own is that you get all the time for yourself. You can craft a preparation schedule which is not modelled on the timings of a class. The time that is lost in commuting to and fro from the coaching class can be spending on studying at your home.

Better planning

The phase of preparation depends on your planning and if you choose to study on your own terms it does help you to craft a study plan as per your individual requirements. You can decide for yourself which is the most productive time of the day where you can study.  In fact, you can identify the areas of your strength and weakness during the course of study.  The best part is that you can engage in recreational activities and have a social life. This does not seem to be an easy task when you are confined to the four walls of a coaching class for 3 to 4 days a week.

With JEE you can balance your school life

This does appear to be one of the major challenges when you are facing up to JEE. You need to ensure that you do not fall behind in your school syllabus and this does not appear to be the easiest of tasks. The importance of class 12 marks makes the balancing act a lot more important. If you chose the option of self-study you can complete your school assignments without the pressure of rushing over to the coaching class

Guidance and study material

A popular belief that students, who study on their own miss out on quality study material along with guidance. But you can cash in on the advantage by opting the online route. There are various study material and tutorials that would make your case a lot stronger. There are online packages which will allow you to study at any time of the day as per your own convenience. If you have any doubts there are always experts for your guidance.

Unlimited tests

With practice, you are going to be perfect and this holds true in most cases. As a student, if you have opted for self-study with the countless online tutorials then you are way ahead of the competition. In taking unlimited tests you make a case for yourself much stronger than before.

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