Tips To Find Best PG In Nagpur


Paying guest is accommodation for males and females who migrate to the city from different places for various reasons, like in search of jobs or completing their education. Even, the candidates from the same city as to opt for paying guest to save the travelling time to their educational institutes or offices.

Tips To Find Best PG In Nagpur
Tips To Find Best PG In Nagpur

The paying guest accommodation is getting common and demanded, especially in metro cities. It won’t be any more a hard task to find paying guest, but the main is to find the best and safe PG accommodation, especially for a woman.

Nagpur, an Orange City has come up with many best and vast opportunities in the sectors, education and business. This leads to a reason for the people coming to the place for further education and good job opportunity.

There is an option for choosing the living place between hostel and PG. Many would like to stay in hostels as this sound much cheaper compare to PG. But, especially females opt for PG a lot forwarding the various reasons, especially safety purpose.

Let’s focus on some of the points that can be the best guiding lines in choosing the best PG for women in Nagpur

  1. Agreement

The interested person should look at the permission allotted to the landowner to start PG in their place. The registered paper is a kind of security to show that the place is genuinely run as paying guest.

  1. Location

The individual should have a look around the locality in which paying guest is located. It is most important for the girls and ladies as they often return late from their coaching classes and offices. In many jobs, the ladies work in shifting. It should be safe and secure enough for them to come home at any time.

  1. Security

Though, nowadays, every well organised society and established residential areas have security placed to look after the requirements of the people he is serving for and pay the late night safety to everyone. These people are of great help if there arrives any suspicious entry in the compounds, or the lift stops working in the middle of the night, any power cut at an unexpected time, to note the entry of every individual in the compound, and even put cross enquiries if they suspect anyone’s movement.

  1. Rent agreement

There should be a legal agreement between the owner and the tenant. The agreement should include the advance payment for a month which is refundable, the divisions for the rent charged, and the notice month before asking or leaving the paying guest.

Many rooms are shared between more or two partners. In such cases the agreement should show the paid amount for each roommate and the way of payment.

  1. Transport

This is the most important need for a person living in PG. Every individual doesn’t possess the personal vehicle for daily movements in the city. Most of them depend on private and government transports for their movement to a workplace and educational centers. The females should enquire about the regular facility of transports which can be helpful for them at any hours of the day.

  1. Basic requirements

There are many other requirements those are needed every day, like medical attention, food supplies, groceries, etc. It happens often there raise the medical requirements in odd hours. The nearby medical center or hospital can be much help to attend such emergencies. Many times it may be late to be back home and the mess must be closed, or the owner is not in a position to serve the food. In such cases the nearby restaurants will be of great help to serve one’s appetite.

  1. Food facility from the owner

This is the most necessary of every person. The food supply from the owner is the best service from them. From a hygienic point of view the homely made food is best. Even, if the person is coming late night for any reason, she needs not to worry about sleeping empty stomach. This point is of much important while choosing the Pg Accommodation.

  1. Maid servant

Though most of the PGs are handling their personal work on own, but often it’s getting tiring for them to accumulate the whole week works and get it clear on weekend. It will be relaxing if the owner can facilitate the maid servant for every day brushing off the dust and cleaning the dirty clothes.

  1. Stay allowed for a person other than roommates

It is almost a rule of every PG not to allow an extra person to live in the room for any reason. So, the tenants visit their friends and family in their vacations. But, it can be discussed and get agreed with the owner on personal request if ever for the short time any surprised visits are allowed from friends and family. Also, in case unfortunately if a person is sick and would like to gather the attention of friends and relatives.

  1. Separate cupboards to lock the personal assets

There are many important papers and documents that one holds and requires every time. The laptops and costly mobiles are the common things carried by most of the people, nowadays. So, it is essential to have the safety corner to secure them in one’s absence.

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