How to Sell Your House Quickly


All the online real estate marketing efforts that we deal with in the fastgtahousebuyer blog culminate in a fundamental part of our work: the visit, how to sell your house, it is a fundamental and vital step for a real estate agency. If you want to learn some tricks on how to do it, stay with us.

Sell Your House
Sell Your House


  1. Prepare the visit

Consider this step as a work meeting. Just as you prepare the necessary material in advance, try to have a few minutes before the potential client arrives.

We recommend that you lift all the blinds, even if it is summer. The houses in the dark do not like anyone. The first impact of empty houses without light is not the most desirable.

Also, if you have done your homework, you are a regular and you know what home staging is, you will know that it is convenient to have prepared the real estate.

If this is not the case, check our entry to find out why home staging allows you to shorten marketing times and get better prices.

We also recommend that you have the necessary documents at hand and do not have to waste time locating them. Showing the energy certificate or the necessary documentation to start the procedures (in case of renting, for example) is a good way to organize.

  1. Starting with the room

The first thing is to start with the living room or lounge. It is the most colorful room in the house, in which most of the social life takes place and the first one that many interested people want to see.

If, in addition, it is decorated with taste and is pleasant, we recommend that you return to it to discuss the details with the interested party. Then, try to feel and see yourself as an owner or tenant and imagine your life in that home. Thus, you favor the following effect.

  1. The worst, in between

What about an old-fashioned bathroom that needs reform or a horrible pool? The next of the strategies to teach a house to sell is geared on how to address the most difficult points of the house.

The just as bad news is better digested with good, try to offer the best of the visit at the beginning and end. First is to impact, in the end, to keep the memory alive.

We understand that teaching a house inside is a delicate balance. First, because you are not the owner and many of the problems are irrefutable. Second because what for many is an advantage, for others it is a nightmare. Here are some tips for teaching a house for sale that you can highlight:


A noisy street can be “sold” as a nerve center, where all the action happens.

Need for reforms

For many, “new” is a bad word. If it is not possible to show a modern house and you detect an avid public of character, it highlights the architectural elements that you will not find in a recently created house.

Little space

Do you know the new trend of mini houses? There is a powerful current (especially among young people), who prefers to live with fewer things and more freely. Take advantage of this way of seeing life to emphasize the virtues of a limited space.

  1. Feel the environment

This requirement to teach a house is a trick used throughout the world. When the visit is over, sit down with your clients to talk about the conditions. And please, not in the kitchen. If the house is furnished, better in the living room. That they can feel as if they had already bought the house, at their ease.

This simple gesture will help them imagine living there. You would be surprised how many negotiations progress thanks to a relaxed chat in the living room of a house.

Is not there a relaxed lounge to go to? You can take a walk to the garden, or even make the way back to the walking real estate agency. In those minutes you can take advantage to look for points in common with your clients.

  1. Close with intelligence

No visit would be complete without the conditions that you should discuss with your clients. They are conversations (sometimes, somewhat uncomfortable if the conditions are very demanding) necessary to be prepared.

We recommend that you start by asking the client for his impressions about the visit. Try to extract all the necessary information to forge an idea of whether it fits your needs.

If it’s a couple, you can ask them if they have children, so you’ll know the kind of house that makes sense in their life.

Once you have managed to relax the environment with these introductory questions, you can make room for the conditions.

If we are facing a purchase, the requirements to sell a house will be different from those of a rental. Therefore, we recommend that the first thing you bring up is the price. Does it fit in your budget? Are you willing to change it in case the house is to your liking? Is there any benefit of the house that we can highlight to overcome the objections?

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