8 Great Places to Ring in the New Year


The year 2018 is almost coming to an end. It is the time when most people are planning on how to celebrate the New Year. Some people might go to a party with their family and friends whereas some might want to go away from their homes and welcome 2019 in style. If you fall into the latter category then here is a list of places that you should visit if you want to make the start of 2019 a memorable one.

8 great places to ring in the New Year
8 great places to ring in the New Year

#1 Las Vegas, USA

It is true that Vegas is lit up throughout the year, but it becomes extra special on the New Year’s Eve. The Las Vegas Strip is closed down for the vehicles and is filled with people. At the stroke of midnight, the Las Vegas casinos welcome the New Year in some style by organizing an impressive display of fireworks.

If you are looking to make the experience an unforgettable one then you should definitely see it from the High Roller Ferris Wheel or visit the Stratosphere tower. It is advised that you book your hotel room in Vegas as soon as possible as the prices increase drastically as we approach the end of the year.

#2 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

If you want to welcome the New Year from a warm beach resort then the Brazilian capital is the perfect spot for you. On the New Year’s Eve, a huge crowd gathers at the Copacabana Beach where you will find musical performances (such as the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra) and a brilliant firework show.

In case you are in a mood to party then Jobi bar would not disappoint you. It was opened back in the 1950s and is one of the best social institutions in the city. If you want a great view then you should definitely visit the Vista Chinese, a small Chinese pagoda which will offer you a breath-taking view. So, don’t wait and head over to Hotwire and book your trip today and don’t forget to use the hotwire coupon code to avail an amazing discount.

#3 London, Great Britain

One of the best fireworks show in Great Britain is organized on the bank of Thames. The backdrop and the show are amazing which is the main reason that the tickets are sold out so quickly. If you are unable to get the tickets then there is no need to be disappointed as you could see the fireworks from the Primrose Hill, Parliament, Greenwich Park, and Alexandra Palace as well.

A river cruise on the Thames is also a brilliant way to watch the glaring fireworks display.

In case you are looking to sit down and have a pint of beer then some of London’s oldest pubs such as the Old Bell Tavern will be an ideal spot for you.

The themed party at the Southbank Centre which presents the theme from the 1920s to 1990s. As a fan of the British Royal family, you might also want to visit Kensington Palace, the birthplace of Queen Victoria.

#4 Hong Kong

Hong Kong and its dramatic skyline are extremely popular among the tourists. It also provides an excellent stage for the firework show on the New Year’s Eve. You might want to visit Victoria Harbour which is illuminated by the fireworks with music in the background.

Another excellent way to get the best possible view of the fireworks display is to use the hotwire coupon code to book a room in famous hotels such as the Hotel Icon and Park Lane. A crowd gathers around the Star Ferry Pier where some performances are organized a couple of hours before the New Year.

Hong Kong is an amazing place to visit if you want to welcome the New Year is some style.

#5 Moscow, Russia

If you are not afraid of the Russian winter then the Red Square in Moscow is one of the best places to be on the New Year’s Eve. It might be the coldest location for the celebrations but the brilliant firework display will certainly warm you up for the occasion.

An excellent location to celebrate the New Year in the true Russian style is the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow. It is located close to the Square and features a roof-top bar.

If you are a fan of Russian history then you might want to visit the famous tomb of Vladimir Lenin or see some of the Relics from the USSR era.

#6 Cape Town, South Africa

One of the best places to beat on a New Year’s Eve is Cape Town. This coastal city makes welcoming the New Year one of the most memorable experiences for everyone. You would definitely want to visit Marisol thanks to its delicious Portuguese cuisines, festivities and lots more.

Cape Point Vineyard might also be a perfect place for you if you want to party hard on the New Year’s Eve.

The best part of being in Cape Town is that it’s Summer season and you won’t need to dress heavily to prevent yourself from the cold while partying outside.

#7 New York, USA

Times Square, Manhattan is synonymous to the New Year in the US. You might have watched the famous Ball Drop on the TV and believe me it is much more magnificent in person. Over a million people gather in the Times Square to welcome the New Year.

In case you are one of those people who doesn’t like crowds then there are lots of other places in New York to make the New Year special for you. You might visit the Coney Island in Brooklyn where Steeplechase Plaza organizes a firework display from a parachute jump. In the Bronx, you could have a great Italian style dinner at Zero Otto Nove.

You could also visit the Resorts World Casino to try your luck and it hosts a grand party as well.

#8 Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of those places in the world which welcome the New Year the earliest. Apart from this, the magnificent fireworks show near the Opera House, the bridge and on the barges is definitely worth watching.

You could either book a ferry ride or visit another establishment to witness this grand event. Being the Summer season in Australia, you could also visit the beaches and bask in the sun as you spend your holidays in this island nation.


The New Year is coming close and if you want to celebrate it at any of these iconic places then hurry, plan your vacation online and use the hotwire coupon code if you are looking to get a discount. These places would definitely make your New Year experience a memorable one.

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