Things to Know About Lines Of Credit


As people are applying different strategies to keep up with the social status, they also find ways to support the dreams they have for themselves financially. They think of various approaches to have their work done. The most appropriate course of action is to have line of credit, which can solve any problem from a car breakdown to even renovation of the house.

Things to Know About Lines Of Credit
Things to Know About Lines Of Credit

Lines of Credit Defined:

This type of loan is very different from a conventional one. When you apply for lines of credit, the amount that you receive does not exceed out of limit. However, you can borrow the cash whenever you want and how much you want to. Unlike other loans, where you receive the amount in a bulk, in lines of credit, you can use the amount when you need it. The interests are only on the money you use and not on the entire amount.

Benefits form Lines of Credit:

For many people, it is confusing to choose the right type of loan, especially when they need it to spread their business. There are several options for them but lines of credit will always give you more advantage. When you will read the following benefits, you will surely go the next day to apply for one.

  1. The amount that you borrow can be considerably large. You can borrow as much as you need with and without collateral. However, one difference is that with collateral the amount is little more than if you apply without one. This amount can help you in growing your business.
  2. In a normal loan, you pay the interest on the whole amount whether you withdraw it or not. In lines of credit, the interest is less and you have to pay only when you take out any specific amount.
  3. There are many loans issued by the banks, which can be of use for specific purposes; home loans, car loans, business loans etc. LOC can be applicable for any of the financial problems that you are facing; there is no restriction of using it.
  4. Many financial institutes of banks offer you LOC without any collateral. You should have a good credit score and a source of income to be eligible for LOC.
  5. In a normal loan when after using the money, you have to apply for the loan again. However, in lines of credit, you can use the amount repeatedly after you have repaid the borrowed one.
  6. As you constantly and regularly repay the borrowed money, it helps to improve the credit history. The bank or financial institute monitoring you will be satisfied with your dealings and can even increase the borrowing amount on the good credit history you have developed.
  7. The repayment term is accommodating according to the borrower’s desires. The period ranges from one to five years, depending on the amount borrowed as a loan.

When you look at these advantages, the first thing that comes to your mind is that from where you can have the loan. Finding them is a challenge; many sites are accessible but if you want to look for the best then Orumfy will help you in every way.

Classifications of LOC:

You can apply for two types of LOC and the rest are extensions of these two. The two main lines of credit are; secured and unsecured LOC.

Secured Lines of Credit:

Majority of lines of credit are secure, as they need some type of assurance to back up the loan money. This collateral or guarantee can be in the form of anything valuable. You will not get the loan money without it. It is a necessary requirement to fulfill when you are applying.

Home Equity LOC:

You can use your home as security deposit to attain the loan. The amount you can borrow is usually 75-85% of the value of your house. You have to repay the amount in a set period, if not then the bank or financial institute has the right to sell your house to get the money.

Security Backed LOC:

The borrower has to deposit a security in the form of stocks or bond to have the money. Any person can also give a guarantee on behalf of the borrower. You can use it for any business purposes; there is no limit to the use. However, it should only be useful to expand or pay off your merchants

Unsecured Lines of Credit:

If you are borrowing money through unsecured LOC then there are many benefits for you. The lender has no way of knowing whether the borrower will return the money or not. Also, he has nothing to keep as security.

Personal LOC:

The borrower can repeatedly use the money to repay it and use it again. The money can be of use for any purpose at all. There are many terms and conditions, which a borrower must be qualified to have.

Both Types of LOC:

Demand LOC and Business LOC can be either secured or unsecured.  You can take out the amount whenever you want and repay when you have the required amount.

It will now become easier for you to decide on which type of line of credit to use that is beneficial for your business or for whatever reason you are using it for.

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