Marketing Your Website Through Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a commonly used method used to increase the visibility and rating of a website. Before we explain how search engine optimization works let’s try to understand what it really is. Imagine that the internet is a network of stops from a big city bus station. Each stop is a unique location. Most commonly, it is a webpage, but it could also be file such a jpg or a pdf. Search engines need to find a way to crawl through the entire city and find all the stops. The paths that take the search engine to your page is like the route the bus takes, or a “link.”

Marketing Your Website Through Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Your Website Through Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have programs called crawlers (like the buses in our analogy, which reach the million of pages stored on the web. Search engines have three major jobs to perform, which are crawling, building an index, and providing answers by calculating relevance. Once these three things are done, the search engine can give the results searched for. SEO optimization is the process of improving or promoting a webpage so that the website gets more traffic from the search engines. Search engines provides provide about ninety percent of all traffic that ends up in the websites so its important to make them known your place exists. You can build a perfect website, but its content can remain invisible to search engines. If no one links back to your content, then the search engine will just decide to ignore it.

Sometimes optimization can be as simple as writing your pages in a way that is easier for search engines understands it. A search simply begins with a word. That’s why keyword research is another very important aspect of search engine optimization. The use of right keywords can really make or waste your page. So its very important to do some research on your market’s keyword demands. Doing this kind of research can also give more insight to what kinds of visitors you have on your page.

Another thing you can do to optimize how search engines rank you page is by increasing your page’s ranking. This can be done by adding a “like” button from common social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. You must also link to sites that have a high page rating. For example, if you keep a blog, instead of backlinking to a small-time blogger’s page, you should try to backlink to a bigger website. This can also help improve your credibility, as you will get your information from more well-read pages.


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