Exceptional and Robust Shared Hosting Service for Your Website


As the name suggests, Shared Hosting entails when a website on a server is shared by multifarious websites. Although you are not entitled to know what websites are running in parallel on the same server. The concept is viral among the people looking for cheap hosting plans to upload their first websites. Every user is allocated with a limited amount of resources depending upon the plan purchased. You will find a wide range of cheap hosting for shared hosting services where people on a low budget can afford hosting a website.

Exceptional and Robust Shared Hosting Service for Your Website
Exceptional and Robust Shared Hosting Service for Your Website

Eye-opening Linux cheap hosting plans –

With Linux operating systems, limited customer support and proficient uptime make it perfect as well as pocket-friendly. Know some of these eye-opening cheap hosting plans –

  1. The most basic has some features such as –

10 GB storage where you can hoard your records and data for the website. Single Domain hosting, up to 2 Emails of customer support and hassle-free WordPress installation. You will also have a control panel, free and unlimited usage of SQL databases as well as data transfer. You will never get any cheap hosting plans as much under shared hosting offers.

  1. Considering the advanced plan, it has much more to offer. Such as –

You will now have an opportunity to store up to 25 GB of storage. Again you will be having only domain hosting but this time you will be offered one subdomain hosting as well. You can transfer data of any amount and free control panel and SQL database usage. WordPress installation is just one click away. Customer support till 10 emails.

  1. Talking about the Lin-Business plan, this cheap hosting will make low budget users gleeful because –

The shared hosting gives you up to 40 GB of data storage. Three domain hosting with 3 sub-domain hosting too, control panel and effortless data transfer with no restriction on the amount. You will have the entitlement to use free SQL database and control panel. You can seek help from customer support up to 50 emails in a month.

  1. If you want some unlimited plan but short on budget, then go for this Linux pro plan. It offers you boundless storage, domain hosting, free SQL usage, easy WordPress installation and till 100 emails of customer support.

Some Windows cheap hosting plans to offer –

  1. For basic plan, you will get – storage up to 10 GB, single domain and subdomain hosting, control panel, free SQL database, and 2 Emails every month.
  2. With 25 GB storage, the single subdomain and domain hosting, free My SQL databases, 10 email customer support data transfer being unlimited and easy WordPress installation.
  3. Next comes, business pack and in this you will get 40 GB storing capacity, 3 domain and 2 Subdomain hosting, free data transfer and SQL databases, Plesk control panel and up to 50 emails of customer support every month.
  4. For people wondering for unlimited usage within their budget should have a look on one of the cheap hosting plans. This is a Windows pro plan and in this you will have the latitude to store unlimited data, hosting and subdomain hosting, data transfer and control panel. Apart from this, you will be benefited with up to 100 emails of support. Fetch this plan for just 209 INR every month.

Get Free domain, 5 Emails, free SQL database, and SSL. This combo offer is valuable and you will find such offers under many services.

Startling Shared web hosting services and Features –

  1. Excellent Web Hosting services – If you buy any shared hosting service for your website, it will give a very huge rise to your web pages specifically. With cheap hosting plans for windows as well as Linux, you will uplift your website to the next level. Also, no need to fret about security and measures are taken and disk space is also given.
  2. Recuperate Lost Data – nothing will fear you than your lost data. Many people accidentally lose their data that can easily be retrieved with the help of shared hosting services. The data is constantly backed up with the help of the hosting service and you will have to never fear about this.
  3. Upgrade Plans Smoothly – Without paying extra to buy another domain service you can directly scale up or down the shared hosting services. There are plenty of plans that you can scroll through and opt for easily.
  4. Robust Security – With cheap hosting shared services, you do not have to fear about getting your data into illegal hands because there is a dedicated team of people all the time trying best to keep your records and data completely safe.
  5. Easy to install – with no difficult steps, many cheap hosting plans can easily be implemented for your website. It is uncomplicated that does not involve any hard and fast steps.
  6. Easy to maintain – with the help of the control panel, you can easily add or remove domains from the server and maintenance becomes super easy.

How does it work?

When you select any shared hosting server, it will have a unique DNS number that will be displayed on the internet holding your website and creating space on the web. After that, you will have to select between Windows and Linux plans and then send your website to extra one over FTP to continue further.

Select shared plans for cheap hosting and you will be in safe hands.

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