Some Easy Ways to Get Your Website All New for the New Year


Your website is the online hub for your small business. It’s the place your customers go to about your services, get pricing information and so much more. It’s also the very first introduction a prospective client has to your business. First impressions matter and you want your organization’s website to shine when you opt for cheap VPS hosting in India. It’s impossible to imagine that any small business wants to poorly showcase themselves online, but it’s clear that many struggles.

Some Easy Ways to Get Your Website All New for the New Year
Some Easy Ways to Get Your Website All New for the New Year

If you are thinking that your website might be more meh, than magnificent, check out some tips below, and get inspired to tackle your online woes.

Remove the holiday images:

Yes, we know, they’re cute and make you feel festive, but by Monday these should be gone. It makes your site look like it’s still on vacation and that customers should go elsewhere for timely service when you keep up your Christmas/Hanukkah/whatever logos on it. You certainly don’t want to send out that message. De-clutter is the keyword.

Fix your copyright dates:

Don’t forget to change your copyright dates to reflect the New Year and any changes that may have occurred over the years even when you have a bit more time on this one. Being especially important for online retailers where an old date may work as a negative trust signal, this is important site maintenance that makes sure your butt is covered for 2019.

Revitalize your content:

To start things off fresh – a new year is a good time. Evaluate your content and take some time to go through your site, renew cheap VPS hosting in India. Are there areas that are vague and could be clarified? Get rid of typos, outdated information, user speed bumps, etc. When’s the last time you really read the content on your site? If you’re not sure, it’s probably time to spruce it up a little.

Check your links:

Also look at the links on your site while you’re going through your site checking content. Are there broken links sending customers to cold 404 pages or are they all going where they’re supposed to? If there are, take this time to fix them after you renew cheap VPS hosting in India! You will come to know if you have broken links on your site if you’ve registered your site with Google Webmaster Central. It’s a super handy feature. You will also get a lot of other tools will do the very same thing for you. Also do look for sites that mention your company or Web site but don’t actually link back to you, while you’re doing some maintenance on your site.  There are many easy ways to add some new links to your site in the New Year.

If necessary update local listings:

 It is the need of the hour to know how important it is to be giving all the third-party indexes regular and correct local business information about your site. Get hold of an invaluable service that will show you where you’re registered and what each site knows about you if you haven’t checked your listings in a while. Now is a good time to double check to make sure it’s still correct.

Make sure your security’s up-to-date:

Every time a story about a data breach makes waves, people get a little more nervous about handing their credit card information over to businesses. News can’t be helped. But, you can take steps to ensure all the private information your customers give you is protected and keep your website secure.

Go through a checklist and make sure your security measures are up to date. There are some easy ways to reduce vulnerabilities in your website to make your customer data safer when you opt for cheap VPS hosting in India. Always remember, you owe it to your customers to do your part in protecting them.

Look at site statistics:

Have you been running analytics on your site currently? If not, meet Google Analytics. It’s free and feature-rich. If you are, go through and figure out what were your most successful content pieces this year. What did people want to hear about? What got them excited? Going into January, are there ways for you to expand or leverage? What pages on your site see the highest bounce rate? Can you move things around to make them more user-friendly or edit the content? Have you been targeting the wrong keywords throughout? Don’t go into 2019 making the same mistakes.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly:

Almost half or more of traffic that a website receives is from people viewing the site on a mobile device. If your website template isn’t optimized for mobile, it’s failing your clients and other visitors more than half of the time. There are still plenty of easy ways to create a better mobile experience after you purchase cheap VPS hosting in India, aside from a complete redesign. Using clickable buttons instead of linking individual words, and breaking up dense paragraphs into bulleted lists, some easy mobile-friendly website design changes are enlarging the font size.


Ask some fresh eyes to take a look at your site thought this isn’t likely something you can tackle before the New Year hits. Is it giving off the image you want and still professional looking? Maybe you’ll want to start thinking about improving this year if it isn’t making sense to you.

It is now that makes it the perfect time to do some thorough site maintenance when things may be a bit slow. The start of a new year is the perfect time to shake the dust off and give your site a fresh coat of paint. Make the changes now that will help you stay one step ahead of your competition all year.

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