Best Social Media Management Apps for Startup Businesses


Spending time on social media, posting photos or scrolling through the newsfeed seems the easiest thing to do. When you tell your friends that you work as a social media manager, they probably envy you a bit, because they think it is the easiest job on the planet. But you know that social media management is not a bed of roses. Especially not when you need to work in a startup.

Best Social Media Management Apps for Startup Businesses
Best Social Media Management Apps for Startup Businesses

Managing social media accounts for a startup business means you need to attract the first followers, to keep building your list of followers and at the same time to make sure the existing followers enjoy your posts. Every business has at least two or three social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) so all these tasks you need to multiply by three.

Thanks to the mobile technology, you can manage your social media accounts with less work and to be efficient at what you do.

An evergreen app for managing social media accounts:

Buffer is the first thing you hear of when you ask about social media. This mobile app takes care of all your social media profiles and saves you much time. You don’t need to sign in to different profiles, just connect your profiles to Buffer and they will all be synced on one place. If you want to publish the same post, you can do that with Buffer, but even if your posts differ from network to network, you can quickly create posts for each network. What is more, you can schedule your posts for the specific date and time, and basically plan the whole week ahead. With Buffer, you can track the performance of your posts which makes easier to figure out what kind of posts engage your followers.

It’s all about photos:

Like it or not, your post has to include a really nice and attractive photo. People are attracted by photos and no matter how your article is resourceful and the copy of your post compelling, you will not stand a chance without a proper photo. If your startup has an Instagram profile, you should try Grid post maker. This app creates grids from one photo, so if you want to share a big photo with a lot of details in it, you can make multiple grids and then share one piece of it, post by post. The app crops photos for you and gives you a suggestion what grids to put first. It can also make a video of the photo.

Back up your posts and insights:

Social media networks seem pretty stable but you never know when will it happen that one of these networks crashes, or someone hacks your profile. All the hard work can be gone in a second. The same way you make a backup of your blog or website, you can back up your social media posts and analytics. It can also be useful if you need to present your work in front of the team or your boss. It is more convenient to create a document with all stats and posts so ou can show them without opening your social media accounts. PDF to Word Converter comes in handy in this situation because it converts PDF files to Word, so you can always make changes to your reports. You can also use it to send documents to your content marketing team, to check out the posts copies and contribute with some additional text.

Get More Followers:

You probably know the best tricks to gain more followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but it wouldn’t do harm to use mobile apps for getting more followers. Follow Tool for Twitter is the app for growing your Twitter network. There is even an option to unfollow all the people that you followed and didn’t follow back and to unfollow the people who unfollowed you. Imagine that you have to do that manually?! Tag Fire is also interesting if you want to get more Instagram likes. It generates a lot of tags for your posts so it reaches more people.

See all your messages in one place

When you start getting followers, and your startup gets noticed, you will receive messages on social media accounts as well. It is important to be very responsive especially on Facebook, where is the responsive rate publicly available. Additionally, your startup business needs to take care of customers and users, and late responses don’t give a good image. Sprout Social app is the place where you will receive messages from all social media accounts. No quicker way to check your inboxes and write replies.

Starting with creating and scheduling posts, to measuring performance, then backing up posts and managing documents, taking care of followers and responding to the messages, we have covered almost everything you need when starting a new business. Even if you don’t have much experience in social media management, these apps will help you with all the tasks.

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