TheOneSpy – Mobile and Computer Tracking Software Review


There are several tracking software applications letting the users to secretly and remotely monitor the cell phone and computer use of someone else. Generally, these applications are intended for child monitoring and employee monitoring. While every tracking app is different in features and price, the user must know which one worth buying. We have reviewed here the top computer spy software and mobile phone monitoring app TheOneSpy that let you sneak into your kids and workers’ devices without breaking the bank.

Mobile and Computer Tracking Software Review
Mobile and Computer Tracking Software Review

How does Tracking Software Work?

The monitoring software is needed to be installed on the targeted device such as a mobile phone or computer of your kids or employees. After installation, the spy software allows you to monitor the targeted device data and control certain functions of that device. The user of the surveillance software is given access to an online control panel which allows monitoring and controlling the target device.

Main Features of Monitoring Software

The spy software for computer and mobile phone offers a wide range of features to remotely monitor and manage the devices of kids and employees. We have penned down the main features of the surveillance app. check them out!

Monitor Messages

The cell phone spy app lets you check out the messages of your children and workers without gaining access to their Android phones or iPhones. By logging into the online control panel, you can read SMS, MMS, iMessage and instant messages received and sent via targeted cell phone. Also, you can get the contact detail of the message senders and recipients.

Track Calls

Whether it is about contact center monitoring or child monitoring, you can track all the inbound and outbound phone calls of your staff and children. The Android spy software automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls of the targeted device and uploads the recorded calls to the online panel. You can listen to these calls; download the needed call and get contact information of the callers and recipients.

Monitor Social Media Apps

Monitor Social Media Apps
Monitor Social Media Apps

Social media monitoring is among the most powerful features of the Android surveillance app. It allows spying on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, Tumblr, Viber, WhatsApp, Vine, Line, IMO, Zalo, Skype, Yahoo messenger and many other social messengers. You can monitor messages exchange via these social media and instant messaging app and track almost all social media activities of your target.

Access Internet History

The tracking software for computers and mobile phones allows the end-user to supervise the internet use of the target. You can detect whether your workers use the internet facility for productive or unproductive reasons. Similarly, parents can monitor the internet use of children to prevent them from exposing to age-inappropriate content. The spy software provides access to the internet browsing history of Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Monitor Surroundings

What is happening in the vicinity of the targeted computer or mobile phone can be monitored with the help of spy software. If you want to see what your target is doing, you can turn on the camera of the monitored cell phone or laptop and see surrounding scenes. Similarly, if you want to listen to the conversations of your target, you can turn on the microphone of the targeted device by sending a command via an online control panel of spyware.

Screen Recording

The MAC monitoring software lets you record whatever appears on the targeted computer. You can record the screen of the targeted device for as long as you want by sending commands via online panel. It lets you see and capture the computer activities of your workers or children in real-time or at scheduled times.

Track Emails & Keylogs

The mobile phone and computer tracking software let you monitor the emails received and sent by your target. You can track Gmail accounts of your target and also access the keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the targeted cell phone or computer device. These keystrokes let you know the email addresses, usernames and passwords of the emailing and other online accounts being operated on the targeted devices.

Compatible Devices & Operating Systems

TheOneSpy is multi-platform tracking software that supports numerous brands of mobile phones and computers. The detail of the compatible operating systems is given below. You can visit the official website of the tracking software to check out if your device is compatible with the app or not.

  • Mobile phones running Android OS version 3+
  • iPhones running iOS version 4 to 8
  • Mac Computers running mac OS version 10.5 to 10.12
  • Windows Computer running Windows OS versions 7,8,10

Hope this article would be helpful in learning about the best mobile phone and computer spy software. You can know more about the tracking software by visiting the official webpage of TheOneSpy.

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