How Traditional Games Make Their Way Into Our Digital Devices?


Call “Games” as the “Stress-Buster” or “Leisure Fun”… No one can deny it. Indeed, these are evolved to provide instant relief to worn-out human mind. In fact, every age group loves to play different games.

How Traditional Games Make Their Way Into Our Digital Devices?
How Traditional Games Make Their Way Into Our Digital Devices?

Wondering, if you are included in that list too?

Of course, yes!

In earlier times, people used to play games using various assembled materialistic assets, like stones and sticks. But, when the time changed and new generations began to rise, the ways of playing games have also changed.

Molding to the other end, games are also played to sharpen the mind and increase the ability to think & understand things quickly.

Companies, which develop games for various devices, are putting their every piece of effort to make these games as real as possible. They’ve transformed many popular old games into digital forms, which provide the users and players the portability to play, whenever they want and whatever they want.

Today, we are experiencing the most advanced means of gaming. Traditional games can be played on various devices, like smartphones and personal computers. This gives an unbelievable capability to take the gaming action to an upper level.

Here are some of the popular traditional games developed by game development company, which are available today to be downloaded and played on computers and smartphones:

  • CHESS: It is one of the oldest board games, which is said to be nearly 1500 years old. It is a board game that requires two players. Pieces are arranged on the board, which are moved according to specific rules.

      Chess on computers Computers play an indispensable role in the gaming world and this game cannot be pulled behind. Some operating systems even give chess as a pre-installed game. We can play against the computer or a default opponent.

      Chess on Smartphones- Smartphones are said to be the future of gaming because of the portability and capabilities they bestow to the developers. Just like on computers, Chess can be played on smartphones against the phone or a default opponent.

  • SUDOKU: You can find this game on every newspaper having a large square with Cells and columns. Sudoku having 9 x 9 is very popular these days. But, there are certain other games as well with different combinations of cells and columns.
  • Sudoku on Computers- Computers have a really fast CPU (processor) that can solve complex problems in seconds. This makes it quite interesting for the developers to develop more games that are challenging for the players.
  • Sudoku on Smartphones- Traditional Sudoku games were used to be published on newspapers, which were normally one game at a time. The enthusiastic players had to wait every day for new games. Smartphones solve this dilemma and give many Sudoku challenges that we want at a time.
  • LUDO: Ludo is a very classic board game being played for many years. No matter how old or young you are, it will always entertain you.
  • Ludo on Computers- Just like any other games, Ludo is also available for computers and Ludo game development companies try their best to make this experience more exciting by adding new features within a certain span.
  • Ludo on Smartphones- Ludo is a multiplayer game, which can be played either locally or by using the internet on smartphones in just a few clicks.

Now, it’s your call. Which traditional cum modern game you would love to install on your Computer or Smartphone?

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