7 Actionable Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Sales


Have you ever sent an email and wondered if they have even opened it or not and even after a few days, haven’t sent any reply at all? In these instances, you might wonder where things went wrong. Email marketing might be simple to perform but due to missing out on small details, it might not be producing the expected results. We have put together these 7 tips and tricks to boost results from your email marketing campaign and make it even more effective than before!

Email Marketing Tips

1. Focus on the target group:

Knowing the likes and dislikes of customers are the first step towards an effective marketing campaign. While preparing a database to whom your emails are bound to be sent, make sure they are delivered within your planned target audience. Study the market well and conduct extensive research about the demand of your niche. Find out websites and customers with similar interests and preferences. Instead of spending time sending hundreds of emails to customers whose preferences do not belong to your offerings, it becomes a wasteful exercise and you will observe that you are generating very little outcome of it. Prepare a well-equipped list with select people targeting only those you believe would want to revert to you.

2. Be consistent:

Email marketing campaigns are not a one time process but if you send out emails to those who haven’t subscribed or replied to you frequently, you will be labelled as a spammer. Prepare a list of those who have subscribed to your website or those who have replied to you showing interest. Curate regular emails and stay in touch. You must keep adding value to the emails you send. Add a mix of promotion based, feedback-based and information-based content to give a variety to the reader. These emails can be about anything like promotions, discounts, upgrades or even seasons greetings!

3. Short and concise emails:

The key to grasping attention is to give your email a voice. From hundreds of emails and lots of content, you want your customers to click on yours and read it. However, if you write a long email, it is unlikely that the customer will pay attention or even read till the end. To overcome this, try to keep your email content short and relevant. Subscribers should receive the message in a clear and crisp manner so that they understand well what you are offering.

4. Provide a call-to-action feature:

Call to action Feature

 Do not forget to add the call-to-action feature here but it is not advisable to give multiple CTAs as it may look very cramped up. Instead, put in one major CTA. You must also keep in mind to present the content in such a way that people using a smartphone are able to view it comfortably. Try breaking your content into bullet points or highlight them. To make your content more engaging, provide interesting links if required.

5. Curate Personalized emails:

A personalized email can increase engagements much more times than a general email. Addressing the recipient by his/her name can make them feel more valued and they will tend to read the whole matter. Along with the general content, you can add few relevant questions which can increase the chances of getting a reply back. You can either greet them with their name or add the name along with the subject line. Finally, you can also add your own personal details like name, email address or even a picture to make it more interactive. This trick is effective when you intend to build a relationship with the customer.

6. Provide correct links:

When you are planning your strategy and writing the content for your email campaign, it is important to provide correct links and proper landing pages to the reader. This determines where your traffic will lead to. Instead of adding the link to the homepage of your website, put forward. the page relevant to your campaign. This makes it easy for the customer to directly click on the link and take the necessary action and avoids confusion.

7. Backups and alternatives:

Email marketing requires constant monitoring. In order to compare and identify what kind of content makes the best out of your campaign, prepare a set of 2-3 email sets keeping the matter almost similar but approaching it a bit differently. Experiment with different subject lines and introductions as well as the CTA provided. This will help you recognize which set of email is receiving maximum replies in a given period. It is all about experimenting to see what works out instead of forming assumptions and relying on invisible factors.

The takeaway:

Remember to check your email content frequently and proofread it before you hit the send button. Look out of grammatical mistakes and typos. Avoid using short forms and SMS language as well as too many punctuations and emoticons which will make you seem unprofessional. Finally, monitor data and track the performances. We hope these tips are helpful!

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Anushka Bhargava

Anushka is a passionate writer and a poet pursuing a degree in media and communications. She regularly contributes a Food Guest Post on F and B Recipes.

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