Learn About Different Kinds Of Passport

Passport is issued to many people for the purpose of international traveling and tourism. You can visit 5000+ international destinations using the passport of Pakistan. It is valid for countries of the world except for Israel, where you can also go to many famous international places in the world and can exceed the range of 5000+. Air ticket is also needed for going to any of the popular places and there are many of the famous locations all over the world. You must select any big mega city.

Learn About Different Kinds Of Passport
Learn About Different Kinds Of Passport

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We are now going to discuss three types of Pakistani passports.

Ordinary Passport:

Ordinary Passport is issued to the citizens. It is presented as a green colored little book which contains your credentials for having and several pages for different visas to be issued. You must select them for the purpose of going or returning from your dream destination. You can apply visa of your own dream destinations.

Official Passport

An official passport is the passports of government offices, judges, senators, public assembly members and other officials. This passport is given in blue color. Professionals who are government servants have different kind and categories of tasks. They have gone to other countries for the purpose of working. The state of Pakistan has three main categories pillars of the state which are administration, military and judiciary. Some of these people also have to go to other countries for the purpose of seeking state tours because they are an employee of the government or judiciary. Those people who have an official passport are also greater in number.

Diplomatic Passport

It is red in color from outside. Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses this special visa for going and returning from this specific country.

Ministry of Foreign Officers is one of the specific departments of the government and there are many employees. On occasions, sometimes these people go as being diplomats. They have to develop relations between countries and it is a very important responsibility. It might include packages and offers for the public. Delhi-Lahore Bus is an excellent example of ambassadorship. This passport is easily available for the diplomats. They have to travel to many countries for developing good relations between the two countries. They can come back using the same passport and then report to the government about the policy which is made by them. Consular services are also done by diplomats.

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